In 2005, driven by the mission of assisting recent graduates from universities in China in finding employment, GLC launched career planning and counseling services. Over the past nearly 20 years, we have discovered that career planning is crucial for successfully securing an ideal job. In today's fiercely competitive job market, having a clear career plan is essential. If secondary school students start engaging in career planning, it can help them clarify their goals, prepare in advance, maximize learning opportunities, foster personal development, and enhance their employability. For individuals at any stage of life, having clear career goals enables targeted pursuit of suitable employment opportunities.

High-school & University Students: Career Planning Consultation

The secondary school and university stages are crucial periods for personal self-awareness and development. Through career planning, students can clarify their areas of interest and connect them with their career development. GLC provides one-on-one career planning counseling, helping students with self-discovery and positioning, determining their learning and development direction, understanding the job market, integrating resources, guiding decision-making, and adapting to changes. This will lay a solid foundation for their career development and assist them in achieving personal and professional success.

New Graduates/Working Professionals:Career Planning Consultation + Job Referral

Career development is a concern for every professional, and throughout the journey of career development, we go through various stages, each of which brings new discoveries about ourselves. Career development is a continuous process of self-discovery and understanding of the workplace. In this process, you may encounter issues such as career positioning, advancement, job transitions, career burnout, workplace relationships, and the impact of life role changes on career development. Prospective Resources provides professional one-on-one consulting services to help you analyze problems, adjust your mindset, and enter a new stage of career development. Whether you are a newcomer to the workplace or an experienced professional, GLC is willing to be your companion on your career development journey. Additionally, we have established extensive partnerships with companies in various industries, enabling us to provide individuals with job opportunities that align with their career goals.

  Professional Career Consultant Team
  GLC has a professional consulting team that ensures the quality of our services. Our career planning consultants all hold Master's degrees in Development and Education and have qualifications as Level 2 National Certified Psychological Counselors. Over the past decade, we have accumulated extensive experience in career planning counseling for high school students, college students, and professionals. Whether it's assisting high school students in choosing subjects and college majors, helping college students with career positioning, or addressing career confusion for professionals, the career planning team at GLC is your best companion at each stage.